TpT Flock

About Us

The WNY TpT Team has been getting together since March of 2014. We meet at a local library, coffee shop, or restaurant to share tips and strategies, ask questions, get inspired, talk shop with other Teacher-Entrepreneurs, and work together to grow our TpT stores. Some meet-ups are very informal — a bunch of friends getting together to gab! — while others are more structured and follow an agenda. Whatever the meet-ups look like, we all walk away energized, inspired, and looking forward to our next gathering!

WNY TpT Team

Our first Meet-Up March 2014

Once we even met at the Mile Post School House —  one of the oldest one-room school houses in our county!

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After getting together for a year, we thought it would be fun to meet even more TpTers! We wanted to connect with even more Teacher-Authors from our regional area to learn from them, swap TpT stories and strategies, and build a network of TpTers to collaborate with. Here we are planning a regional meet-up that would be both fun and productive . . . and some of the results of those planning meetings!

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Regional Meet Up 1

By our second year, we had nearly 30 people on our WNY TpT Team! April 9, 2016 we had our regional meet-up. Here’s a look at the planning team for #tptflock2016. We were a great team and pulled off a pretty great event!

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Read all about our 2016 event here!

In 2017, we decided that we would be a virtual team. We have planners from Rochester, Buffalo, New York City, and Michigan!

If you are as excited as we are about rocking the flock in 2017, here is all of the information that you need.