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Check Out Our Keynote Speaker!

Big News Flock!  Today, we’re announcing our keynote speaker, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Drum roll please . . . it’s Jenny Knappenberger from Art with Jenny K!  You guys, she’s the absolute best.  We can’t wait to learn with her on April 8th!  She has something amazingly cool and interactive planned . . . and the message that she’ll be sharing at the keynote is a beautiful one!


There are many, many reasons why we felt that Jenny K. would be an ideal keynote speaker, and today we thought we’d highlight just a few of them…

  1. Jenny is an innovator.  We all know that the key to success on Teachers Pay Teachers is the ability to be original and creative.  It’s all about bringing something new and unique to the market.  Jenny’s done that with one product line after another.  You’ve seen these collaborative posters and portraits right . . .

And what about her series of 2-way and then 3-way agamographs . . .

Oh, and of course, there’s her line of pop-art-inspired coloring sheets that align with critical reading and math skills — we adore how Jenny integrates art with academic content!

This teacher-author is on fire!  Jenny knows the value of carving out a niche that is uniquely “you!”  (which she’ll be talking more about in her breakout session) and developing a brand and reputation that stands out for its quality, originality, and teacher value.

2. Jenny is kind.  This is a big one!  Have you ever met a celebrity and been disappointed by who they are or how they treat others in real life?  There’s nothing worse than looking up to someone, and then being disappointed by how they treat others.  Good news!  When you meet Jenny, you’ll realize in seconds that she’s kind and genuine.  She’s a true collaborator.  Just check out the different ways that she works with teacher-author colleagues.

3.  Jenny is incredibly generous. If you follow her on social media, you won’t be a few posts in before you’ll see that she’s mailed out fun surprises for a classroom teacher, hosted many product giveaways, or supported another teacher-author in valuable ways.  This girl is the real deal!

4. Jenny is creative! Jenny has something really creative and fun planned for April 8th! We’re bursting at the seams with excitement for what she is going to do and share with us.  You’ll be in awe of her creativity and message at the meet-up!

OK, OK, we could go on for days, but we’ll let you discover all the other wonderful things about Jenny and her store Art with Jenny K when you meet her in person.  We’re so lucky that she’s going to be such an important part of our day as a keynote speaker and session leader!

Before you meet her in person, you can connect with her here…

If you want to hear Jenny’s keynote presentation or session on Finding Your Niche on TpT, but you haven’t yet registered for the Northeastern Regional TpT Meet-Up,  click here for more information about #TpTFLOCK17 . . . or purchase a ticket here (we have fewer than ten tickets left!)

See you all very soon!

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