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Honoring Dr. Robyn McMaster

In March of 2014, eight TpTers gathered at a local library to meet other Teacher-Authors, talk shop with sellers who would understand our language, and exchange tips and strategies. The TpTers at that meet-up eventually became the planning team and co-organizers of the Northeastern Regional TpT Meet-Up, a meet-up that is now attended by TpTers who travel from 25+ states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Dr. Robyn McMaster joined us at that first meet-up (pictured below), and became a friend who was near and dear to our hearts and the hearts of so many other TpTers.

Robyn worked with Dr. Ellen Weber of Brain-Based Tasks for Growth Mindset, but her TpT work did not stop there. Robyn was a tireless advocate of high-quality teacher-created resources and the opportunity to supplement teaching income and provide for families that Teachers Pay Teachers offers educators. She befriended dozens of TpTers, encouraged them, and supported them by posting their resources on Pinterest . . . not just a few pins here and there, but hundreds of pins a week over two and a half years.

Robyn left us unexpectedly on July 7, 2016 and we miss her presence in our lives every day. Those who knew Robyn remember her dearly as fun, funny, caring, kind, and loving. If you crossed her path, you walked away energized, inspired, and knowing you had a true encourager cheering you on to success as you found and fulfilled your purposes on this Earth. Robyn believed that love helps people find and follow their calling, and all those who knew her — whether for minutes or for a lifetime — felt genuinely gifted with love, kindness, and support.

Twenty years ago, Robyn started working with Dr. Ellen Weber and the Mita International Brain Center. Robyn was passionate about using brain-based approaches in novel ways that engage students’ individual interests and abilities. Her passion to help all children learn and all teachers teach fueled her spirited work with Mita.

Robyn and Ellen worked together for more than two decades. Their extraordinary friendship and dynamic work have had a local and international influence on brain research and brain-based educational practices that will affect teaching and learning for decades!

Robyn loved and supported teachers as architects of our future, appreciating their hard work and devotion to our children. TpTers who knew and loved Robyn cannot imagine a more meaningful and beautiful way to honor her life and her work than to help that work continue and move forward. We’re raising funds to establish the Dr. Robyn McMaster Scholarship, a scholarship that will be offered yearly to keep alive Robyn’s work at Mita!

100% of the funds collected will go to the Mita International Brain Center to carry forward Robyn’s beloved work and passion. Your donation will help Mita continue to train progressive teacher-leaders and provide brain-based resources, approaches, activities, lessons, assessments, and curriculum units to students and teachers across the globe. If you’d like to contribute, please click here to visit the “Dr. Robyn McMaster” Go Fund Me page.

Thank you for helping us honor Robyn and continue her life-changing work and her legacy!