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Meet Our 2017 Workshop Presenters!

We could NOT be more excited about our presenters for the TpT Flock 2017. Our attendees are in for a big treat, as we have workshop leaders from all over the country presenting on a variety of topics, including marketing, product creation, balancing work and life, and so much more!

Meet our presenters below!



Workshop Title:  Q&A with TpT

About this Session: In this whole-group session, Amy will share a few words about what’s happening at TpT, then answer your questions, with help from other TpT staff members. Take advantage of this time with Team TpT to get your most pressing questions answered, hear about TpT’s vision, dreams, and challenges, and go home with renewed inspiration in the power of TpT.

Amy is the Director of Seller Happiness (and we suspect she wears many other hats!) at Teachers Pay Teachers. She is always supportive, encouraging, and inspiring — we are over-the-moon thrilled that she is joining us!



Workshop Title:  Create Brilliant Covers

About This Workshop:  The right resource cover will showcase effective branding while maintaining a sense of Teacher-Author individuality. Learn how to select the perfect fonts and graphic elements for your resources and how to arrange them for maximum impact. In this session, you’ll learn about trends, design software, basic cover design criteria, composition, and branding, as well as issues to watch out for. You’ll walk step-by-step through the process of composing a cover design and leave with plenty of easy-to-implement ideas.

Amie’s TpT Store: Glitter Meets Glue Designs



Workshop Title:  How to Grow Your Store When You Barely Have Time to Bathe

In her own words:  We all wear a lot of hats–parent, employee, sibling, daughter, son, committee chair, spouse, and a human who must also bathe and eat. Learn how to choose your hats and juggle them without losing sight of life’s priorities.

Something fun to know: I speak a bit of Hungarian!

Angie’s TpT store: Angie Kratzer



Workshop Title:  TpT Like a Boss: Care for You, Care for Your Business

About this workshop:  In this whole-group panel session, experienced TpTers will answer your questions and share from their experiences and expertise. You’ll walk away inspired, encouraged, and motivated! Anne says: “We’ll do our best to share our experiences and answer your questions!”

Something fun to know: I love to camp and windsurf!

Anne’s TpT store: Anne Gardner



Workshop Title:  TpT 101: The Basics for Beginners

In her own words:  In this session I will go over my top 10 tips for building a TpT shop and online business. Be ready to put these tips into action to see your growth soar.

Something fun to know:  I lived in New York the first 24 years of my life, but I’ve never been to Rochester.

Brittany’s TpT store: Brittany Washburn



Workshop Title:  Using Facebook to Build PLNs That Maximize Your Branding

About this workshop:  Carol has started 3 Professional Learning Networks on Facebook with a combined total of 30,000+ members. In addition, she operates a FB group with about 40 TpT colleagues who coordinate sales and promotions. Carol will share how to collaborate with others to make Facebook your friend.

In her own words: This has totally made my whole TpT business bloom!

Carol’s TpT Store: Carol Miller – The Middle School Counselor



Workshop Title:  Improving Your Blog One Post at a Time

About this Session:  Devin is a freelance blogger who writes blog posts for HubShout. Devin specializes in blogging to help brands stay current and relevant and increasing SEO. This workshop will help you learn how to integrate these components with your blogging to help you build your brand and drive traffic to your TpT store!



Workshop Title 1:   Peer Resource Review

About this workshop:  If you’d like to get feedback and give feedback on the components of high-quality resources, bring a hard copy of one of your resources to this interactive workshop, facilitated by TpT’s Community Developer, Elliott Goodman!



Workshop Title 1:  Like a Boss: Care for You, Care for Your Business

About this workshop:  In this whole-group panel session, experienced TpTers will answer your questions and share from their experiences and expertise. You’ll walk away inspired, encouraged, and motivated!


Workshop Title 2:  Instagram Marketing

In her own words:  Participants will learn how to translate Instagram images to sales. They will also learn how to gain followers and improve engagement.

Something fun to know: I am a full time first grade teacher from Long Island, NY. I have been a TpT seller since 2008! I love animals, clothing, and home decor.

Erica’s TpT store: Erica Bohrer



Workshop Title:  Project Nucleus: Idea Incubation Session

In his own words:  This is a working session! Every teacher-author is at a different point in their journey. Project Nucleus is an opportunity to purposefully collaborate with TpT’s innovative community members to incubate your ideas. So, no matter your content area or interest, all ideas are welcome at the table. You will share your ideas with a cross section of teacher-authors. By the end, you will expand your network and equip your wheelhouse with fresh perspectives.

Something fun to know: I co-teach a course called Apollo with two other guys. Much like an elementary schedule, we’re with our students for four hours a day. It quickly becomes a family atmosphere and we’re often called “the three dads.”

Greg’s TpT store: The Class Couple



Workshop Title:  Blogging to Build Your Brand and Drive Traffic to Your Store: Understanding and Marketing to Your Ideal Customer

In her own words:  Blogging: Understanding branding, niche, and your expertise to blog shareable content readers will want. Readers will learn to know, like, and trust you which will in turn lead to more sales! Ideal Audience: Struggling to pinpoint who you are targeting? The more specific you are, the more you can connect with them. I will help show you how you can identify who you are targeting and how it can help you generate more sales!

Something fun to know: I have seen every episode of the show Friends.

Hallie’s TpT store: Speech Time Fun



Workshop Title:  Keys to Pinning Success

In her own words:  In this workshop we will talk about the keys to turning pins into sales! Topics will include scheduling pins, designing pins, promoting pins and collaborative pin boards. We will also look at how Pinterest ranks pinners and ways that you can increase your ranking so that your pins are seen by more of your target audience.

Something fun to know: Prior to becoming a teacher and TpT author, I was a lobbyist for the supreme court.

Jamie’s TpT store: Not So Wimpy Teacher



Workshop Title: TpT Like a Boss: Care for You, Care for Your Business

About this workshop:  In this whole-group panel session, experienced TpTers will answer your questions and share from their experiences and expertise. You’ll walk away inspired, encouraged, and motivated!

Jen’s TpT store: Jen Bengel



Workshop Title:  Finding your Niche on TpT

In her own words: In this session we will discuss what a niche is, why it’s important to have one and how to go about finding yours! Each person will leave with a lap book full of useful resources that will help you either discover your niche or further define the niche you have already chosen.

Something fun to know: I am a trained ballroom dancer and taught for many years before becoming an art educator.

Super-exciting bonus: Jenny is kicking off our day of collaborating, learning, and laughing together as our keynote speaker! We can’t wait for you to hear her keynote — you are going to be inspired and encouraged!

Jenny’s TpT store: Art with Jenny K



Workshop Title:  Taxes and TpT

About this Session:  Wheeler, Pepper and Company CPAs specializes in taxes for entrepreneurs AND Jessie’s wife, Lora, owns and operates the TpT store Kinders in NY. so he brings a unique understanding of TpTers needs and questions to the table. In this workshop, Jessie will share tax tips especially for TpTers!



Workshop Title:  Building Better Business Systems: Accomplish More in Less Time

In her own words:  I understand the struggles you’re facing trying to grow a business while balancing life’s demands. In one year, with a young child and 2 toddlers at home, I managed to complete the process of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher, served on several committees, and increased my TpT sales by 531%. I learned then the importance of having effective systems in place in order to succeed. I have tweaked those systems over time. They are the reason I am now able to truly enjoy my work and homeschooling my three children all at the same time without feeling the “struggle to juggle.” In this session I will share the systems and strategies that work for me and teach you how to stay sane, get things done and enjoy every second of this incredible ride we are all on together. You’ll leave with printables, strategies and most importantly peace of mind.

Something fun to know: Oh my gosh. I struggled to answer this last year and 365 days later I am sad to say I am still very boring. I pinky promise to do something interesting and noteworthy before #TpTFlock18.

Jodi’s TpT store: Clutter-Free Classroom



Workshop Title:  TpT Like a Boss: Care for You, Care for Your Business

About this workshop:  In this whole-group panel session, experienced TpTers will answer your questions and share from their experiences and expertise. You’ll walk away inspired, encouraged, and motivated!

Karen’s TpT store: Karen Jones



Workshop Title:  Designing Resources that Integrate Technology Trends in Education

In her own words:  In my workshop you will get a top notch list of apps that are the best for incorporating creativity and collaboration in the classroom of your TpT buyers. You will have time to explore, collaborate with peers and learn about the best ways to help teachers bring 21st century skills in their classroom.

Something fun to know:  I am a kindergarten teacher that grew up in Rochester, New York her whole life and in order to find a full-time job moved down to North Carolina. I love to come back to Rochester for the flock conference because it doubles as a time to see my family!

Katie’s TpT store: Creating Teaching Inspiring



Workshop Title: Crafting Classroom Manipulatives to Use in Your Marketing Plan

In her own words:  Creating manipulatives that can be used in the classroom are great for staging awesome photographs of your products. When it comes to themes, holidays, and units, sometimes making your own counters, game pieces, and props is the best way to go! This workshop will be hands-on as you will be using Sculpey Bake Shop clay to create and learn. Photography tips will also be a part of this workshop.

Something fun to know:  I love sock monkeys.  I doodle in church.  I have 2 pet turtles.


Although Laura Kelly’s TpT store is brand new, she is an experienced blogger and artist, and she looks forward to bringing that expertise to her TpT store!

Laura Kelly’s TpT store: Laura Kelly Classroom



Workshop Title:  Fab on Facebook: Strategies for Building a Fantastic Facebook Business Page

In her own words:  With Facebook’s ever changing algorithms, text and image regulations, and lower than ever organic post reach, what’s a TpT-er to do? Join Leigh, from The Applicious Teacher, as she shares some of the best strategies for taking your Facebook Business page from drab to fab! She’ll share insider tips, engagement boosting strategies, and WIN-WIN ideas for turning your dying (or never living) Facebook page into an engaging epicenter! (or at least make sure it doesn’t suck!)

Something fun to know:  Although napping is my true passion, helping teachers create engaging, fun, and curriculum-focused lessons is a *very* close second! 😉

Leigh’s TpT store: The Applicious Teacher



Workshop Title:  How to Mesh Your Market Ideas with Mandated Curriculum

In her own words: Participants will brainstorm how to generate ideas along with what to include and avoid. Time will be also be spent exploring the best ways to market your resources and reach your ideal audience.

Something fun to know:  I am a Star Wars and Harry Potter Aficionado!

Nancy’s TpT store: Fourth and Fritcher



Workshop Title:  Finding Time to TpT While You’re Juggling a Bajillion Things

In her own words:  Are you having difficulty finding time for TpT? In this workshop, I will give you practical tips to increase your time for TpT without taking away from other important parts of your life. You really can do it all!

Something fun to know:  As an Air Force Brat, I grew up all over the world. I never want to move again, but I would love to travel more when my kids get a little older.

Nicole’s TpT store: Learning Lab



Workshop Title:  Planning Your Way to Peace: Tools and Tips for Using a Paper Planner to Find Balance

In her own words:  This workshop focuses on how to use a paper planner to make your work and home life more organized and productive, leading to peace of mind. Tips and tools for organizing the information you need, how to pre-plan, plan with monthly and weekly layouts, use your planner to goal-set, and organize your planner to meet your own personal needs with a focus on work-life balance.

Something fun to know:  Norah Pritchard is the author of her blog, Willowcrest Lane, where she writes about being a woman with purpose and grace and finding balance in the roles women have today. She is passionate about family, creativity, supporting women, and organizing and planning her life in a way that makes it productive and peace-filled. Find her on Facebook and Instagram. She can also sometimes be found hiding from her kids with a good snack and even better, a book!

Norah’s Website: Willowcrest Lane 



Workshop Title: TpT 201: For Intermediate Sellers (25 Tips and Tricks from a Veteran Seller)

In her own words:  This info-packed session includes tips and tricks to:

  • create effective resource descriptions
  • turn negative feedback into a positive experience for both you and your customer
  • use hyperlinked images and to maximize your upsell pages and build your email lists
  • prevent copyright violations
  • find your people and collaborate effectively for maximum impact
  • connect with your customers via FB groups and exhibiting at booths
  • intertwine your social media networks to capture your customers
  • conquer your TpT fears by taking small steps towards success

Something fun to know:  When I’m not busy TpTing, you can find me kayaking, hiking, biking, making robot dance videos with my kids, or guerilla gardening.

Sherry’s TpT store: World Language Cafe 


TABITHA CARRO (Presenting two workshops)  

Workshop Title 1: Smartphone Marketing 101 

In her own words:  In Smartphone Marketing 101, you’ll learn how to transform your smartphone into a time-saving marketing tool. You’ll also discover the basics to creating product photos, social media designs, & promo videos with your smartphone – and how fun it can be!

Workshop Title 2: iPhone Pinterest Image Design 

In her own words:  In this workshop, you’ll learn that designing your Pinterest images on your iPhone is as easy as cake – literally! The various stages of putting a cake together are interestingly similar to the process of combining apps to create Pinterest images. Not only will you find iPhone design a major timesaver, but you’ll also discover how it can remove limitations to your creativity and allow it to soar!

Something fun to know:  I learned Spanish through a long distance romance with my husband from Argentina which helped me land my current teaching position — 4th grade Spanish immersion. Also, before I started TpT, I was obsessed with cake decorating – something that has helped me a ton in my exploration of iPhone design.

Tabitha’s TpT store: Flapjack Educational Resources



Workshop 1 Title:  Video 101: The Basics of Setting Up and Filming a Video

About this workshop:  Learn about basic equipment for getting started with video, as well as how to create the best setup possible, from a TpT Staff Member. You’ll also have time to ask the expert questions about creating video.


Workshop 2 Title:  Video Editing: Basic Editing Techniques Using iMovie

About this workshop:  Also presented by a TpT Staff Member — learn how to take cut, add cover images, transitions, and music in iMovie. You’ll also have time to ask the expert questions about editing.


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