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TpT Flock Planning Team

Meet the organizers of the 2017 Northeastern Regional TpT Meetup: Rock the Flock . . .

  Selma Dawani
Selma is a curriculum writer from Rochester, NY. She loves talking about education, business, and Downton Abbey! Find Selma’s curriculum for K-3 teachers here: Selma Dawani
 blog_pic_one Rachael Parlett

Rachael is a blogger and teacher-author from Rochester, NY.  She is also a work-at-home mom to a very energetic toddler!

Find Rachael’s curriculum here: Rachael Parlett



Sherri Tyler – Literary Sherri

With 23 years of experience teaching 6th-8th grades, Sherri is a Curriculum Designer for Middle School English Language Arts who loves creating high-quality, print-n-go resources for busy ELA teachers! When she finds a bit of extra time in her schedule, Sherri enjoys reading YA novels, attending theatre productions, crafting, and dabbling in photography, art-journaling, and bird-watching!

Connect with Sherri on her blog, Literary Sherri, on Pinterest, or on Facebook.

Find Sherri’s curriculum here: Literary Sherri

 MB - Image

Mary Beth Nerone – Brain Waves Instruction

Mary Beth of Brain Waves Instruction has spent over 10 years enthusiastically teaching middle school English Language Arts. She’s also taught internationally in Belize, England, and Africa.  She’s also an active blogger, occasional decorator, and sometimes-frazzled mother (to two fun and rowdy boys). You can connect with her through her blog Brain Waves Instruction and on Facebook.

Find Mary Beth’s curriculum here: Brain Waves Instruction


 Kelly Ganzenmuller

Kelly is in her 10th year of teaching special education in a self-contained classroom.  Kelly has a literacy specialist degree and a passion for raising the bar for her students. Kelly has two spunky little boys, loves travelling to the beach whenever possible and is beginner blogger. Kelly and her teacher bestie work together to create interactive pocketbook units for grades 1-4. Connect through Double Dose of Learning’s blog here.

Find Kelly’s Curriculum here: Double Dose of Learning


 Tricia Johnson – Tricia’s Terrific Teaching Trinkets

Tricia is a Jersey-born, Michigan-residing educator with over 23 years of experience in teaching mathematics to grade levels K-5. This former Disney Cast Member is also a mother to 3 energetic boys and is passionate about making math instruction creative, engaging and time-saving for teachers.

Connect with Tricia through her blog Tricia’s Terrific Teaching Blog or Facebook

Find Tricia’s Math Curriculum here :Tricia’s Terrific Teaching Trinkets


My name is Erica aka Miss V of Miss V’s Kinder Kraziness. I have been a teacher for 9 years; 1 fabulous year in first grade and 8 fantastic years in kindergarten! I believe I was put on this Earth to educate the young minds of tomorrow’s future. I truly love my job; tears, tattling, snot, and all!

I enjoy TpTing, Instagramming, eating sushi ?, and shopping! I’m also a Hedgie Mom to my 4 month old hedgehog Ziggy!

2016: #TPTFLOCK16